Why 2Fit2Quit?

It’s a fair question why would you want to join yet another fitness center? While most other fitness centers aims at grilling you for over an hour at 2fit2quit we make the experience fun. With our highly qualified trainers and support staff we ensure that you not only get rid of that stubborn weight but also make friends and have a good time in the process. So if you are looking for a fun time and look great look no further.  


Grab hold of your friends head down to the studio and let’s get down to burning those calories off.  Burn over 1000 calories with our experts giving you an amazing full body workout.  Our trainers are there to motivate and guide you to help you look your best.



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Mission and Vision


We understand that 2FIT2QUIT is a part of the global social fabric. We respect this ecosystem and we are a regular contributor to social welfare activities. We regularly plant trees and volunteer for various social care schemes.


A company is only as good as the promises it keeps. At 2FIT2QUIT, we shall always strive to keep our promises. Each employee will always do his best to deliver on his/her promise to customer. We shall do it with warmth and responsibility.


Our vision is to achieve our mission through the best employees.We shall use the most efficient tools and best practices.We shall perform our duties and run this busines in the most ethical manner.We shall always abide by the law and never violate it.


We will be driven by a strong Values and Morals system.We shall practice our strong value system in our day to day activities and interactions.Our values shall drive our engagements with our customers, employees,partners and vendors. Our business and professional conduct shall be guided by our deep regards for our values.